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Reverse Sensing Systems

With a fleet of cars, trucks, or vans in the field, most fleet managers expect that there will come a day when an accident occurs. As such, many fleet managers are constantly at work finding systems that will mitigate the potential for accidents. And in recent decades, no single piece of operating security equipment has become more popular and prevalent than back-up or reverse sensing systems.

Reverse sensing systems (also known as reverse parking systems or vehicle back-up systems) are known to be a great asset in helping fleet vehicle drivers when parallel parking or parking in lots and garages. These reverse sensing systems typically use ultrasonic proximity detectors to alert drivers of stationary objects when the vehicle is moving slowly in reverse. These objects could be other cars, concrete structures, trash bins, and trees (to name a few). As the vehicle nears the stationary object, the reverse sensing system sends out a high-pitched tone that indicates an object is within impact distance of the rear bumper.

Benefits of reverse sensing systems include the following:

  • Can measure distances to nearby stationary objects at bumper level
  • Can warn drivers about impact risk by both visual and audible means
  • Reverse sensors are automatically activated when reverse gear is selected
  • Sensors are deactivated when vehicle is put in any other gear or engine is shut off
  • Ultrasonic proximity detectors can be fitted to the front of the vehicle as well

With a reverse sensing system in place, fleet vehicles will be better protected against unexpected collisions and incidents which may negatively impact a field asset or create unwanted costs to the company.

At AMFS, we have the largest nation-wide network of installers for any American field upfitter. No upfitting project is too large, and no request too small. If you would like to protect your fleet vehicles from unexpected damage, we can make reverse sensing system installations quick and convenient – with field upfitting services anywhere in the USA!

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