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Field GPS and Telematics

geotabCompanies across America have discovered the benefits of installing telematics in their fleet vehicles, and American Midwest Fleet Solutions (AMFS) has a nation-wide network of installers ready to help clients add this “must have” technology to their cars, trucks, and vans.

The term “telematics” is a portmanteau derived from the words “telecommunications” and informatics” and used to describe the integration of wireless fleet communications, vehicle monitoring systems, and vehicle tracking technologies. With telematics installed in a fleet car, truck, or van, fleet managers are better able to respond to mechanical or electrical problems in their service vehicles, as well as monitor vehicle idle time, reduce the instances of unauthorized vehicle use, and monitor driving habits.

Benefits of telematics to the fleet manager:

  • Ability to better track mileage and fuel expenses.
  • Ability to monitor time and distance factors for a greater level of productivity and profitability.
  • Ability to identify under-utilized assets in the field.
  • Reduction in idle time and unnecessary miles for your vehicles by being able to influence driver behavior.
  • Reduction in vehicle damage and insurance claims by monitoring and tracking driving habits.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs by being able to better control speed and equipment wear.
  • Support environmental initiatives by better controlling driver behavior and fuel expenditures.
  • Improve overall fleet productivity and management.

Telematics systems often make use of global positioning systems (GPS), WiFi, radio-frequency identification (RFID), mobile resource management (MRM), and automatic vehicle location equipment (AVL). With over 4,500 network installers in North American field, AMFS has the upfitting technicians ready to handle telematics equipment installation for any size fleet.

AMFS can make telematics equipment installation quick and convenient – anywhere in the USA!

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